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Wow... Five Months

1 May 2022 - I generally don't use profanities on my website but HOLY SHIT what a trip its been! Most of the details are scattered throughout my social media pages but in a nutshell... I'm now an amputee (left leg,above the knee) and have been in rehab all this time learning how to function again.

On a positive note... since I've had a lot of time to ponder whilst laying in bed I've been able to shake out a few ideas on how to use this (these) sites. First and foremost I've re-enforced my thoughts of going to a commercial host. I hate to admit it but did, in-fact, give it a whirl and quickly fell pray to some weird DNS shinanigans that took me way too long to resolve. So even though my self- hosting is fairly unsophisticated, at least I know it inside and out and should be able to resolve any problems that sneak up on me in short order.

New Lows

30 December 2021 - Wow, the off-shore “Web Developers” are really stooping to a new level of incompetence. It was bad enough when they’d solicit me for web design work without looking at the domains they were pitching for… like this one for example. Clearly this is a hobby / non-business site and there would be no advantage for me to actually hire someone to redesign it. So now, not only are they doing that but I’m also getting pitches for domain names I haven’t owned for years that currently don’t even resolve to any servers!

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Personal Network Operation Center

27 December 2021 – This is just my ongoing attempt ad keeping my brain occupied and battling the onset of dementia due to a series of minor strokes. I own several domain names, all originally purchased with grandiose ideas that have long since went to the wayside. But with the relatively low cost of maintaining them I chose to keep them active and will slowly maintain them on a “hobby” level. This site will serve as a central point to hub out my other sites.

Collection of Sites


31 December 2021 – My adventures in fantasy roleplay. Since I’m basically a loner, solo-play is generally my method. Here I plan to outline my various characters and lands, perhaps add some narrative and backstory as well.

31 December 2021 – A blog of sorts. Mostly my thoughts and opinionated points of view.

31 December 2021 – Not exactly sure what I’m doing here. Originally this was going to showcase my solo-preneur / freelance work. Now that I’m officially retired, well… who knows.

31 December 2021 – My network. 😊

31 December 2021 – An overview of where to find me in the world of social media.