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Dot ORG isn’t for ORGanization.. but let’s pretend!

5/23/2019 - Let’s see if we can make this happen again!  For unknown reasons I’ve been battling some cognitive issues and haven’t really been able to focus.  Believe it or not that’s actually an improvement, for the longest time I haven’t even had a desire to focus.  As a layman I’m blaming this all on some sort of depression I was going through brought on from being layed off from a 20+ year position compounded by the difficulties of finding a new job as a 50-something year old. This lack of focus is really beginning to take its told on my life and really starting to flush me down into a real bad place.  I can’t even sit down to pay the bills anymore and I’m cognitive enough to realize that this shouldn’t be an issue.  I’m employed again at a decent position making a fair and sustainable amount of money.  Since I haven’t really been paying bills my bank account looks pretty good too. So finally some sense is coming to me and I know this is a beast I have to tackle.  Doesn’t hurt that I’m getting prodded by a few bill collectors and shut-off notices! I’m pulling out my old faithful organizational tools.  Evernote, Toodledo and Outlook.  They’re cleared out of old tasks and ready to be put to use in getting my focus back on. Shortly I hope to add a few articles so I can share with you just how I am using this tools.   Till then… keep your fingers crossed for me!!